Just Gonna Say It: ‘Big Brother’ Needs To Bring Back The Naughty Corner Immediately

Something I’ve noticed in the rebooted ‘Big Brother’ season is that BB has gone a bit…soft. Housemates are swearing at him when something doesn’t go their way. They’re not addressing him with the respect a detached voice watching their every move deserves. The old omnipresent booming voice in the sky would never have put up with such ratbag behaviour, and that’s why the new BB needs to bring back the Naughty Corner immediately.

If you can’t remember what the Naughty Corner was, it was around in season nine (back in 2012) and was a separated space from the main house that was only accessible when housemates were misbehaving or flagrantly disobeying Big Brother’s rules.

Big Brother naughty corner
Me, watching these housemates run riot with zero consequences.

The Naughty Corner had one wall that was entirely frosted glass which would turn clear when a housemate was sent there, revealing whatever annoying chore or menial task was awaiting them. The other housemates were also able to watch them in there, and the tasks and how long they went for would vary depending on how bad the rule break was, or if it was a repeat offence. If it was in play this year, I reckon Kieran would have been put in there multiple times for calling BB a “bastard”.

Big Brother would send housemates to the naughty corner for things like excessive swearing, incorrectly addressing or talking back to Big Brother, or forgetting to wear their microphones. It was swift and ruthless, and absolutely the best part of the show (after the show rudely rook UpLate and Uncut away from us.)

Coming up with the devilish tasks in the Naughty Corner must have been a career highlight for the BB team. Like Stacey having to dress up as a clown because she wouldn’t stop singing songs. Or Michael having to write an essay on trains or something.

Or making Ray write “I must not call Big Brother naughty names” 50 times on a chalkboard because he kept calling him “mate”.

big brother naughty corner

Or remember when Ben Norris had to sort 100’s & 1000’s into separate bowls by colour?

Or when Stacey had to squeeze oranges for ages?

Or the time that all the sleeping housemates had to stay awake by sorting pasta in silence?

Or the time that Michael Beveridge blue himself and had to sit in the Naughty Corner and watch paint dry?

Fucken, bring it back. These new housemates are running rampant and they need to be whipped into line, Big Brother.

Though there was not Naughty Corner room in the 2013 season, Big Brother still disciplined housemates. Like when Tim Dormer wouldn’t stop jumping on the furniture despite being told not to do it, BB gave everyone free drinks at the end of the Split House task…except Tim.

Bring it back, BB. Otherwise these housemates are going to be the boss of you.