‘BIG BROTHER’ RECAP: The White Room Is The Shittest Plot Twist In Big Brother History

While Kieran is in the White Room, the House has been stripped of literally everything from the furniture to the water to Ian’s pet fish (remember him?).

While Angela’s Bunker was a tea-filled paradise where she could pull the strings and get her revenge on the remaining Housemates, the White Room pretty much sucks, TBH.

Not only is all the shit inside extremely vanilla (no pun intended), but Kieran has literally no rhyme or reason for being in there, as far as we know. It’s a prison. It’s a literal prison. Fuck that, I’d rather be sent home than be stuck in that hole.

So back to the actual House: it’s the weirdest of flexes to literally take every single piece of furniture and hide it somewhere, then question each Housemate to figure out who stole it.

Like, this isn’t even entertaining. What the fuck is happening here?

I’m not even gonna dignify this storyline (or lack thereof) of any more space in this recap, ‘cos it’s so fucken’ dumb and not thought out AT ALL.

Dan wins the challenge and puts the remaining gals Sarah and Sophie up for eviction.

As Sophie tries to schmooze the leftover Housemates, it appears that she doesn’t have as many mates in the House as she thought.

Sophie, the one and only person in the House who wants to win

Despite professing that she wants to win more than anyone else, Sophie cops the boot, leaving her other half Chad on his lonesome.

Kieran, meanwhile? We’ve got no bloody clue what’s going on there. It’s as if he’s just been locked up in a broom cupboard and left to rot.

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