Big Brother’s Daniel Gorringe Called Out The Daily Mail For Saying His Post-TV Life Is Sad

Big Brother 2020 runner-up Daniel Gorringe has publicly slammed the Daily Mail Australia after it ran a negative article about him for seemingly no reason.

Gorridge was recently on The Babble podcast where he said he was expecting showbiz opportunities after BB, until the pandemic ruined everything. Unable to keep up with the full-time influencer lifestyle, Gorringe went back to his old job as a carpenter.

This bit of info was later turned in an article by the Daily Mail Australia entitled: “The sad reality of starring on Big Brother: Daniel Gorringe reveals he now works as a chippie after struggling to find fame after the show”.

Gorringe has now come out and said headlines like this are exactly what he doesn’t need right now. Not only is there nothing wrong with his current job, but as someone who has found it hard to cope with the influx of hate after the show, the choice of word “sad” was also pretty slack.

“I’ve spoken openly about my struggles with my mental health so I can help change the stigma, especially with men, that it’s not a weakness,” the former AFL player tweeted on Tuesday.

“I still suffer from anxiety daily and articles like this just amaze me how no one is held responsible.”

He also added that, hey, there’s absolutely nothing “sad” about being a chippie, regardless of whether you went on a reality TV show or not.

“I love my family, friends, my work as a carpenter, my Instagram where I try and make people laugh and for my life to be called a sad reality is a kick in the guts,” Gorringe said.

Plenty of friends, fans and even former Big Brother contestant Michael Beveridge chimed in to give Gorrige a bit of support.

Life’s good. Frick the haters.