Remember When The Big Brother Australia Housemates Found Out About COVID For The First Time?

COVID is very much the new normal nowadays, but last year, it was a wild concept that gave new meaning to the word ‘unprecedented’. Speaking of unprecedented, remember that time the Big Brother Australia 2020 Housemates found out about COVID while they were in the House?

In the wild scene, the contestants are told about the pandemic as a crew member has come into contact with a positive case. Production was therefore shutdown and the house went into lockdown.

Earlier that year, it was revealed that production of the Channel Seven series had to be temporarily halted as a staffer may had tested positive for COVID. As a result, they were forced to break the BB rule of shielding the Housemates from the outside world.

The show’s production company Endemol Shine Australia later revealed in a statement to TV Tonight that (spoiler alert) the staffer’s test results had come back negative, and therefore they were able to continue production.

“The test result for our Big Brother crew member believed to be exposed to COVID-19 has come back negative. We will resume filming Big Brother tomorrow and will continue to work within all Federal and State guidelines.”

In the episode, BB summons the Housemates to the Diary Room and tells them about the pandemic: “Big Brother has been made aware that a crew member has come into contact with a confirmed coronavirus case. The Big Brother house will be placed in lockdown, and the game will be suspended.”

Watch the wild scene below: