Big Brother star Casey Mazzucchelli has called out folks accusing her of racism following her fight with Angela Clancy on last night’s episode of the revamped Channel Seven series.

On the first tile of the lengthy Insta post, Casey began with: “Yikes.”

She wrote that Angela, who was evicted in last night’s ep, “played a fierce game” but that she’s “always been friends with boys,” hence why she didn’t get on with Ang.

Casey went on to fire back at claims that she was “hiding behind the boys”, adding that she’ll always cherish her friendship with Daniel, Mat and Xavier.

She went on to reveal that her boyfriend is a “person of colour” and therefore she won’t tolerate racism on any of her posts.

The reality star concluded by claiming that Angela has “publicly decimated” her character on several occasions, allegedly calling her “beast, pig, idiot, bitch.”

She called Angela a “bully” and urged viewers to see the “hypocrisy.”

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Big Brother continues tonight on Channel Seven.