Big Brother Australia Loses Model Citizen Ryan Buckingham

Ryan Buckingham, that would be the vacant handsome one with “many chapters in his book” and a really annoying way of saying “girls”, was evicted from the Big Brother house last night thanks to the closest vote in the TV show’s history. Buckingham registered 32% of the “save” vote against just 33% for Ben (the gay one) and 35% for Bradley (the socially awkward nerdy one), making him the season’s second evicted housemate after Gold Coast cabaret singer Charne White.

The 22 year old Melbourne model was noticeably bummed, mainly because he couldn’t continue his burgeoning in-house romance with Estelle. “I felt like every day I was in the house Estelle and I were getting closer,” he said. “I went into the house with no expectations about meeting girls so it was a surprise to meet her. Estelle is a girl who loves to hang around the boys. I was being myself and I think as the time went on she showed her side of things. Outside the house I know she’ll be busy and so will I, but I definitely want to catch up with her…you never know what will happen.”

Ryan’s departure turns the Ryan/Estelle/Bradley love triangle into a solitary line which flows in one direction only and leaves us with one less “ridiculously stupid” housemate (Michael’s words) grappling for our attention.

R.I.P. Ryan, we hardly wanted to know ye.