Allan Reveals He’s Returning To The ‘Big Brother’ House Which Is Good News To Him & Only Him

Based on last night’s Twitter reactions, folks seemed to be okay, well, more than okay, with the strategic, game-playing, cocky Allan Liang being booted from the house.

Welp, I hate to break it to ya, but it looks like you haven’t seen the last of him.

Speaking to KIISFM, Allan revealed he’ll be returning to the house at some point, presumably in a ‘yuge plot twist.

“Everyone need’s to watch tonight’s episode because, look I can’t give too much away, but this is not the last time you’ve seen Allan,” he told the publication.

“Oh thank god for that! Oh Allan you’re going back in!” Kyle exclaimed. “We got the scoop! Allan’s going back in tonight everyone!”

Allan went on to describe his eviction as a “national tragedy,” adding that they “got rid of one of the strongest players.”

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Big Brother continues tonight on Channel Seven.