‘Big Bang Theory’ Is Getting A Spin-Off Because Even Television Hates You

CBS has officially ordered a ‘Big Bang Theory‘ spin-off, because death comes for us all.

The premise for ‘Young Sheldon‘ is quite literally all in the title: it’ll tell the story of Sheldon Cooper, age nine, living in East Texas with his fam and going to high school (the premise being the opposite of ‘Billy Maddison‘, and demonstrably less funny).

Jon Favreau – a.k.a. that guy you know from somewhere but can’t quite pick it (it’s ‘Friends‘) – is directing, and Iain Armitage will be starring as young Sheldon.

You might have seen seven-year-old Armitage recently in HBO‘s ‘Big Little Lies‘ as Shailene Woodley‘s son, but did you know he’s also amassed about 5,000 YouTube subscribers for his theatrical reviews? He started Vlogging age four.

*mutters to self: it’s wrong to hate a child, it’s wrong to hate a child*

But never fear, ‘Big Bang Theory’ fans (lol): Jim Parsons, who plays the deeply unfunny Sheldon in the monster hit currently infecting our television screens, will narrate as Adult Sheldon.
The series will premiere in the 2017-18 season. With any luck, Trump will have instigated nuclear war by then, and, in a sense, we’ll all be saved.

Photo: CBS.