‘With celebrity comes responsibility’ said everybody recently re. J Biebz. Such was in response to a clumsy, self-serving comment about Holocaust victim Anne Frank, reading “hopefully, she would have been a belieber”.

In a slightly different display of shockery, via Instagram, a medium that encourages self-indulgence, Justin today posted a selfie wearing a Chanel ski mask. And would you look at how mysterious he is, everybody!

Here is the original image as the version above lacks adequate gusto:

Bieber ‘channels’ thug life in Chanel ski mask, puzzles everyone

“If I was your boyfriend”

Whether Justin has interpreted the limelight/responsibility thing to include being a mask aficionado (he’s been partial to wearing gas masks of late) or not is unknown. In fact, what even is he wanting his public image to be like? Beguiling stuff. Anyway, celebrity endorsement and all, luckily you can shop your very own Not Legit Chanel ski mask right here. Also making the fact that’s he’s captioned the picture with Channel and not Chanel not quite as incorrect.

Oh that Justin! Who knows what he’ll do next.