Beyoncé’s Latest Bump Pics Reignite The Bébé Twin Gender Guessing Game

Honest question: can Beyoncé just give birth already?

Once again, she’s blessed us all with new photos of her engorged baby bump, and once again, we’re all scouring her posts for clues like she’s Moriarty and we’re Sherlock (or is it the other way round?), trying to suss the gender(s) of her twins.

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Remember earlier this year, when Bey posed in the same earrings she wore in the ‘If I Were A Boy‘ video clip, and everyone thought she was trying to wink at them via Instagram?

This latest series of photos features Bey – mostly – in a blue dress, surrounded by pink flowers. Girl and a boy?

There are a number of people who jumped straight to ‘twin boys’, because of so much overwhelming blue, but c’mon guys. A blue dress against a blue wall? That’s far too obvious for Bey, whose only confirmed hints thus far are a couple of peace signs (twins) and smelling a lemon (‘Lemonade‘).

And besides – it was all pinks and blush tones two weeks ago.

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My take? She’s probably giving birth to a lovely set of deer.


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Photo: Beyoncé / Instagram.