If you thought it was just you freaking out about Beyoncé joining the cast of The Lion King as Nala, then we’re here to tell you that you’re dead fucking wrong.

Earlier today, Queen Bey’s name appeared on Disney‘s announcement of the full cast for its 2019 remake, and everyone – yes, everyone – lost their shit.

First, let’s bask in that announce again, which has the single greatest cast in human history. Only the magical combined powers of Disney and peak nostalgia could pull this one off. Donald Glover? James Earl Jones (again)? Chiwetel Ejiofor? John Oliver? Billy Eichner? (Seth Rogen might not inspire the same adulations from ~me personally~ but you gotta admit, he’s some inspired casting as Pumba.)

So yeah, people absolutely lost their minds that Queen Bey herself was going to convince adult Simba to come home and save the pridelands.

It also means that Beyoncé, who avoids media like some people avoid gluten, will now be contractually obligated to show up for any number of promotional duties.

2019. It’s gonna be the year of Bey, y’all.

Literally Everyone Is Freaking Out About Beyoncé Joining ‘The Lion King’