Beyoncé Goes To Ciara’s B’Day As X-Men’s Storm, Instagram Melts Down

Do you know what happens to a Rihanna when it’s struck by lightning?

The same thing that happens to everything else.
Over the weekend, while the news cycle was preoccupied with the upcoming tell-all biography of Beyoncé and its rumours of marital discord with Jay Z, Bey herself gave precisely zero fucks, and instead showed the world how costume parties should be done.
The occasion was Ciara‘s superhero-themed birthday party, and the singer showed up dressed as Storm from X-Men, complete with icy blue contacts and a general air of fierceness. 

The fact that Beyoncé actually can shoot lightning from her fingers and control the weather is just a happy coinkydink:

I met Beyoncé tonight and she couldn’t have been more sweet. And shares my love of costumes. @Beyonce

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Actor-comedian Jeff Dye, whose Instagram is currently blowing up, also got a shot with the birthday girl, rocking a #strong Catwoman look:

Me Ciara and Russ celebrating the dirty thirty!

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