The Best TV Podcasts To Binge RN If Your Mates Are Dead Tired Of Your Very Important Theories

Are you a TV addict? At this point in life with so many streaming services and killer shows, aren’t we all? But sometimes you watch a show and have absolutely no one around to talk with about it – that’s where these TV podcasts come in.

These are the podcasts to binge if you can’t stop, well, bingeing. Basically, the podcasts that go deep on all the hit TV shows, and we all know listening to podcasts is like sitting with your mates, except your mates are inside your phone and also don’t know you from a bar of soap.

Here are our recs for the best TV podcasts going ’round.

1. The Televisionaries

A TV podcast from the top TV critics at the SMH, The Televisionaries looks at whatever is trending TV-wise that week – from Normal People to The Last Dance, but also more niche series’ the hosts are watching. It’s like smart chat about hyper-popular TV, which is great if you love Big Brother but also, you know, have a brain and like using it.

2. Gayest Episode Ever

This genius concept – looking at the LGBT+ themed episodes from shows past, back when LGBT+ characters and storylines were rare and (often) done terribly, is like a big nostalgia hug while also looking at how far we’ve come – and how far we still have to go – when it comes to LGBT+ representation on TV.

3. …These Are Their Stories

Yup, it’s a Law & Order podcast. If you’re a massive fan of the long-running crime series, you’ll love this podcast, which covers off the whooooole franchise.

4. Buffering The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer has an enduring presence in pop culture, doesn’t it. This podcast dedicated to the 90s series has made top lists globally, as the hosts discuss one episode at a time.

5. Office Ladies

Another cult series, The Office, also has its own podcast. Except what better way to deep dive into your show than to… listen to its actual stars talking about it! Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer helm this baby, and chat to other co-stars along the way.

6. Just The Gist

Anyone who was a fan of Rosie Waterland’s Bachie recaps will love her podcast Just The Gist. While it’s not exclusively TV content, Rosie does return to her recapping roots whenever Bachie is on, looking at the series week to week.

7. The Chernobyl Podcast

If you haven’t watched HBO’s limited series Chernobyl yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. If you have, but didn’t listen to this companion podcast, it’s well worth a listen anyway. Each episode goes deep on its corresponding TV ep, and there’s just so much good stuff to unpack, from how they recreated scenarios to explainers on little stuff like why the actors have British accents.