If you ever wanted to know what all your favourite actors are doing right this very second, a big chunk of them are smashing down lunch together. That’s because today is the annual Oscars Nominee Luncheon, in which the Academy Awards nominee class of 2018 gathers to smash down fancy canapés and hobnob and generally be very attractive together. They all took a class photo together, just to prove that point.

There’s a big bloody heap of talent and cash in that photo, right there. Enormous amounts. Piles upon piles.

Your good mates Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon are there, in the bottom corner, being amazing.

Hell of a class photo, that one.

The luncheon itself features the kind of outrageously good food offerings you’d expect from an event of that fanciness, but the drinks menu in this case is really something else.

The cocktail menu thrown together for the event features an arm’s length list of drinks, each inspired by one of the nine nominees for the Best Picture Academy Award.

Peep that for a little bit of deliciousness, right there.

Running the eye across that list, there’s drinks that range from the slightly obvious: Three Bourbons Outside Missouri just being a flight of three bourbons from literally anywhere but Missouri is an obvious gag, but one that needed to be made.

Then there’s drinks that match their flavour profile to their thematic counterpart: That Deadline drink for The Post recreates a smoky, overworked, underslept 70s newsroom by piling as much smoke and bitterness into a glass as humanly possible, mostly because serving up fifteen cigarette butts in pool of day-old scotch was probably not gonna fly.

Gleefully, there’s pun work in there worthy of a Bob’s Burgers chalkboard: “Campari By Your Name“? *kissy fingos*

There’s a hidden gem in the middle of the list: The Lady Bird-inspired Leaving The Nest which, like its film sibling, is low-key the best of the bunch.

But really, though. Give me a Dunkirk-inspired Battle on the Beach and keep them coming until I fall off the chair.

Oscars season calibre movies. Award season calibre drinks.

It all makes sense.