Here’s All The Best EggBoi Memes You Wonderful Maniacs Have Scrambled Up

It’s only Saturday night, but already the undisputed champion of the weekend is Egg Boy, the unnamed teen who managed to smack an egg onto the racist pate of that odious shitheel Fraser Anning at a conservative rally in Melbourne this afternoon.

Coming a close second is everyone who immediately leapt on the opportunity to make an absolute bucketload of EggBoi memes, all of which are simply golden and should be preserved in some kind of enormous ovoid memorial.

Here are just some of our favourites from the fine citizens at Twitter:

And proving that it’s not just for Boomers bitching about the climate protests, we also have a fine representation from all you Facebook geniuses as well:

(I think that last one is my favourite.)

Aussie musicians have also started come out in support of Egg Boy, with at least two groups offering him lifetime guest list spots to all their gigs.

Bloody l-egg-ends, the lot of youse.