Well, despite Channel Nine’s best intentions Big Brother Australia didn’t achieve the (impossible) goal of creating 24-carat live entertainment, but the series’ more insufferable elements were overshadowed by an infectiously delightful finale. Last night 32-year-old Benjamin edged out his fellow ‘final three’ housemates, Estelle and Layla, to be crowned the winner of Big Brother 2012, winning a $250,000 pot, a new car, and the dubious honour of remaining a tenant in a 4-star locked compound longer than anyone else.

Skater/rapper/law student Estelle was the first to be evicted, receiving the lowest percentage of votes out of the three, followed by runner up Layla, the dimwitted beautician with a heart of gold (and an excellent rack). When it Sonia Kruger announced that Benjamin was the winner he squealed and started crying because muttering to himself: “I’m the first gay person to win Big Brother. Go gays.”

The highlight of the night came shortly after Benjamin exited the compound and on the way to the stage he took a knee and proposed to his long term boyfriend Ben Williams – who said “YES!” And it was extremely charming. The romance of live television!

Relive the moment and watch Benjamin discuss the proposal as well as touch on the status of marriage equality in Australia in this interview with Karl Stefanovic from Today.