Ben Mendelsohn might actually be the ‘Strayan actor who is killing it the most at the moment – even if he goes about his business in something of a quiet manner.

That’s the mark of a great actor, after all. Focused on the craft. Absorbed by their roles. Ignorant of the celebrity carousel that goes along with it.

Despite picking up an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Danny Rayburn, Mendelsohn’s continued involvement beyond season one of Netflix‘s breakaway new hit Bloodline was always a little up-in-the-air-ish. Mostly because of the conclusion of season one where (if you don’t want to know the scores, look away now) Danny was murdered by his brother John (played by Kyle Chandler).

But thanks to the majesty that is the Television Critics Association‘s summer press tour, that future is far more concrete.

By far and away the breakout star of the series, the show’s producers have confirmed that plans are in place for Mendelsohn to continue in the role for season two and beyond.

Speaking at a press Q&A earlier today, show creator Glenn Kessler dropped the hint that Danny will indeed be a part of the show’s future plans.

“The DNA of the show is such that the past is always with us. We’re going to learn more about Danny’s effect on the family and more about his past, and also what his effects are in the present day.”

“There’s a very important story that we’re interested in telling that includes [Danny].”

The format of the show relies heavily on flashbacks, so Mendelsohn’s appearances are easily figured out.

From season two onwards, Mendelsohn will be a series regular.

The second season of Bloodline will hit Netflix in 2016.

Photo: Maarten de Boer via Getty Images.

via TV Line.