Ben Mendelsohn Is The West’s Dopest Bounty Hunter In This “Slow West” Trailer

As much as we all love Westerns – and seriously, what’s wrong with you if you don’t? – there’s very much a defined sense of style that runs through the genre as a whole. Men’s fashion, in particular, doesn’t particularly lend itself to any semblance of flash or pizzazz, even if the character has the personality to match.

If you’re a well-to-do type in the old west, you’re stuck with pocket watches and conservative vests. For the rougher, gruffer types – outlaws, lawmen, lone guns and the like – it’s strictly practical wear that denotes the badness of your ass. Dusty coats, worn in jeans or pants, a beat up and faithful shirt. No outrageous colours. Nothing really setting you apart from the rest of the sartorial pack.
So refreshing it is then to see Ben Mendelsohn strutting about the old west in some fly as hell furs in this trailer for Slow West.
The film copped some rave reviews when it screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and by the look of the trailer they are well deserved. This shit looks damned good.
Fellow ‘Strayan actor and rising star Kodi Smit-McPhee stars as a lovesick teen chasing after his exiled beloved on a journey from Scotland to the American frontier. Owner of a now world-famous appendage Michael Fassbender comes along for the ride as Smit-McPhee’s self-appointed chaperone through the harsh terrain, whilst Mendolsohn gets on his tail as a bounty hunter chasing the price on the head of Caren Pistorius, who you might remember from such shows as Offspring or Paper Giants.
The film is John Maclean‘s debut as a feature director and writer, after previously dabbling in a little minor soundtrack work on films like Remember Me and High Fidelity.

Slow West hits theatres and VOD services on May 15th.