It’s not like we didn’t warn you.

Official word comes from up on high today that British-Australian funnyman Ben Elton‘s ‘Live From Planet Earth’ has officially been dumped from Channel 9 after only 3 weeks. The ill-fated live comedy show seemed doomed from the start, with shockingly low ratings and nonstop slamming in both print and social media. Elton also didn’t have very good timing; he went up against some of the biggest news stories of the month, including ‘Shit Happens’-gate, the Shurley affair and this week’s devastating earthquakes in Christchurch.

For Ben Elton that works, get to Borders before it goes into liquidation and buy a copy of High Society or Past Mortem. Or see the uber-successful We Will Rock You next time it rolls into town. For your viewing pleasure, here’s a seven-minute preview of the rock’n’roll, Queen-inspired opera entirely in German.

A Nine spokesperson was on-hand to soften the blow: “Ben and his team have done a fantastic job uncovering new Australian talent and we appreciate all of their hard work and dedication. We are all very proud of the show but unfortunately it has not found the audience we had hoped for.”

Definitely beats screaming ‘ABANDON SHIP!’ and sounding the alarm repeatedly.