This week, triple j are shining a light on porn, as one must every now and again, and in honour of this, Ben and Liam recreated an erotic fan fiction story in which they get hot and heavy in the studio.

The horny tale, courtesy of Eliza from Ringwood, sees a glistening, shirtless Ben returning from the gym, driving his co-presenter into sexual frenzy involving slightly tortured hip-hop puns.

You can watch the whole thing play out below. Enjoy responsibly:

As part of porn week, triple j surveyed around 15,000 of its listeners on their viewing habits, finding that two in three watch porn, with more men than women checking it out.

Straight women said they preferred watching lesbian porn, while straight men reported watching mainly amateur straight content.

Most people surveyed watch it for free, and about half of men say they worry they watch too much, with fourteen percent of those surveyed watching it daily.

Interestingly, few surveyed said they worry that it has negatively affected their relationships, with many saying the effect has been positive.

Ben and Liam also produced some other quality content, which you can see below: