Ben Affleck to join “The Great Gatsby” cast?

Reworking one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most revered classics is gamble in itself; especially when several cinematic reinterpretations have been made, (the most memorable 1974 version was written by Francis Ford Coppola and starred Robert Redford, Mia Farrow and Sam Waterstone).

While director Baz Luhrmann has been planning on filming The Great Gatsby for some years now, the announcement of a cast that includes Leonard Di Caprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire has assured us to expect a no-less-than-brilliant adaptation.

Adding yet another fitting actor to the stellar lineup is Ben Affleck – who is in talks to star as Tom Buchanan, Daisy’s wealthy, immoral and conceited husband.

Affleck is said to be working out a possible conflict of schedule, as he begins production for his next directorial film Argo, a political thriller about the 1979 hostage crisis in Iran in September; filming for The Great Gatsby is slated to begin in Australia in August.

We desperately hope Affleck will make time to join this project, especially since now we can’t seem to shake the idea that he would simply own this role.

In Luhrmann’s adaptation, Di Caprio will play Jay Gatsby, Carey Mulligan stars as Daisy Buchanan and Nick Carraway – the narrator – will be played by Tobey Maguire. The characters of Jordan Baker, gas-station owner George Wilson and his wife Myrtle have yet to be cast.

Luhrmann has written the script alongside Craig Pearce, and the 17-week shoot will be filmed in Sydney, followed by 30 weeks of post-production.

Via: Deadline