Ben Affleck Speaks Out About ‘Fucking Bananas’ Part Of His Relationship With Jennifer Lopez

As questions about the status of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez‘s marriage remain unanswered, Affleck disclosed one of the aspects of his relationship with the superstar that he cannot deal with — her immeasurable level of fame.

In the first episode of comedian Kevin Hart‘s celeb talkshow Hart To Heart‘s fourth season, Ben Affleck shared that because his wife is “so famous” it’s practically impossible for him to appear in public with her without being flocked by JLo fans.

Admitting to Hart that he is “a little bit shy”, Affleck said that he doesn’t like too many eyes on him at the best of times.

“I also don’t like a lot of attention. That’s why people see me and they’re like: ‘Why’s this dude always mad?’ Because somebody has their camera and sticks it in my face and I’m like: ‘Okay, here we go,’” Affleck said.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

However, when he and Lopez and their blended family go out together, the Good Will Hunting actor said the public attention on his wife is “fucking bananas”, recalling one occasion in particular.

“We went somewhere with her — I can’t remember because she’s so famous, and she creates this — people love her, and she really represents something important to people,” Affleck recounted.

“We get out of the car, we were going to a play, and I was like, ‘Fuck it, babe, we’re going to be late, we gotta walk a block and a half.’ She was like, ‘Alright,’ she didn’t say shit.”

(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Affleck then shared how after one fan starts “screaming” his wife’s name, it signals to everyone, and suddenly he’s surrounded by people and cameras. Poor bloke is just tryna get to a movie, RIP.

“We get out with her, all the kids, through Times Square, and the shit was like fucking bananas,” he said.

The actor then described what happens when people see him spending time in public with JLo: “People are like, ‘Hey, I like your movie,’ and then they’re like ‘Ah! JLo!’”

The Gone Girl actor also shared that one of the reasons there are so many photos, videos, and memes of him looking upset with Jennifer Lopez in public is due to the fact her fame means photos are being taken that include his kids.

“I don’t mind, you can take my picture at a club or a premiere, with my wife, I don’t give a fuck. Knock yourself out. I don’t notice you,” he told Hart.

“But with my children, that’s a different thing.”

Look, I don’t know anything about the interpersonal side of Ben Affleck’s relationship with JLo. But I will say, whenever he’s with Matt Damon he doesn’t look as sad. Which could mean nothing…

Rumours of a divorce between Affleck and Lopez began circulating in May. Neither star has publicly addressed the rumours.

[Image: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]