Some eagle-eyed punters has tracked down Ben Affleck’s Instagram, and if he’s this bad at concealing his secret identity, no wonder his Batman flopped.

Internet sleuth Kelsey Weekman claims an account called @positiveattitudehunting is owned by Ben Affleck, one of the many clues being that his girlfriend Ana de Armas and his ex Jennifer Garner are following it, which is hella suss considering it only has three followers.

And as for the third, some have suggested it’s Ben’s longtime pal Matt Damon, while others theorised it was one of Affleck’s older daughters.

If ya look at the DP, you’ll see it’s a pic of de Armas kissing a bloke’s nose, like Affleck’s.

And just have a go at the bio: “Just a dad who sometimes makes movies.”

An accompanying link is for the Eastern Congo Initiative, a non-profit Ben has been a vocal supporter of.

Even the handle could be interpreted as an Affleck reference, as ‘positive attitude hunting’ seemed to be a cheesy riff on the title of his Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting.

At this point I’d also like to point out that the actor has his own Insta, that boasts 4.3million followers he has on his official account.

But what kind of content does he post on his finsta? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but I’ve requested to follow him. So if I get approved, I’ll let ya know.