Either Bachie Star Bella Varelis Is Pregnant Or She’s Baiting The Fuck Out Of Us

bella varelis instagram

Bachie runner-up, influencer and part-time faux Russian, Bella Varelis, has teased a “big change” coming to her life in a not-so-cryptic post that heavily suggests she’s fully preggers.

The caption for the post says that there is a “hint” in the caption, in which she talks about “baby blues”, “big changes” and a “secret” that she cannot wait to share. So yeah, either she’s got a bun in the oven or she’s baiting us all.

Sure, the pic is just your regular, run-of-the-mill influencer snap on a set of stairs, but Bella wants us to know more. She has a secret. She’s hiding something huge. Let’s explore what the hell she could be trying to tell us.

Now, if we go with the idea that there is a hint within the caption, there are a few things that Bella’s secret could be. I’m gonna talk about all the possibilities right here.

Bella Varelis denim collection

Bella is launching a denim range!! (Maybe). I mean, she did say “baby blues”, and she is wearing some killer denim jeans, so case solved, Sherlock, come and get your hat back, I’m done with it.

What’s the big change, you may ask? Well, she’s been developing her business… and doing business things, you know the drill.

Butterfly tramp stamp

Pay attention to the use of the butterfly emoji. Bella Varelis is going to be unveiling her butterfly tramp stamp to the world, she’s tired of hiding.

The big change was the amount of money she had to hand the tattoo artist because shit isn’t cheap. Congrats on the tat queen!

Bella Varelis cherry blossom garden unveiling

Bella is gonna unveil her cherry blossom garden soon, just you wait and see. Notice the cherry blossom emoji? Well, that’s the hint in the caption, duh!

The big change is Bella pivoting from influencer to gardener. We stan either way! A queen going green, you love to see it.

We know that she loves plants too. Notice the plant behind her? Yep, dead giveaway.

Bella Varelis is impatient

Maybe this whole post is hinting towards Bella announcing that she is, in fact, impatient.

Notice the use of “I can’t wait”? Well yeah, that’s because she literally can’t wait. I’m a genius, I’ve cracked it, thank you and goodnight.

Bella Varelis new hair colour dropping

The big change? Bella is going to be changing her hair. Maybe to a nice baby blue?

It’ll be a big move for the influencer, and will mark her move into dropping edgy music. I’m just making mad assumptions here, but it’s very possible.

She’s having a baby

Or, you know, maybe she’s just pregnant. Unlikely though, I mean, barely anything points to it? Probs not this one. My bets are on the butterfly tramp stamp.