Everyone’s dying to know what the bloody hell happened between Bachie besties Bella Varelis and Bec Cvilikas after it was recently revealed that the BFFs / roommates are no longer a thing.

In a Q&A on Instagram a coupla nights back, a sneaky stan asked Bella what happened to make their friendship dissolve and she gave a relatively tame response that low-key rebuts what was previously reported in that spicy Daily Telegraph article.

“There wasn’t a big fall out, we just realised our friendship changed, which is normal in relationships and friendships,” Bella said.

Well that contradicts with what an insider told The Daily Telegraph last month.

According to the source: “They had a disagreement a few months ago and unfollowed each other on Instagram.”

After the Daily Tele’s report, the gossip gurus at The Wash straight-up asked Bella and Bec via Instagram DMs and here’s what they said at the time.

“Sometimes friendships grow apart, the same way relationships do. Small details are irrelevant and unnecessary for it to be public information,” Bella told the site.

Meanwhile Bec had “no real comment” other than the fact that they are “two different people.”

I dunno about you guys, but I feel like their responses are dripping in subtle shade. DRIPPING.

Both gals no longer follow each other on social media. In fact, they went from appearing on each other’s ‘grams semi-daily to disappearing completely from each other’s feeds.

The last photo Bec Cvilikas posted with Bella Varelis on Insta was back in April, and the last photo Bella posted with Bec was in January, a far cry from their frequent appearances on each other’s ‘grams.

At least their bestie piccies are still live so we can relive the glory days of this Bachie duo’s friendship.