One of the best parts about watching The Bachelor is figuring out who the show villain is, and who the actual villain is.

Before all of Australia caught onto Ciarran’s toxicity on Bachelor in Paradise, he was more or less framed as a ‘decent’ guy. The same goes for Bella on this season of The Bachelor. She is this season’s real villain.

I think this tweet perfectly sums up Bella’s Anakin Skywalker-esque transition from innocent daddy’s girl to toxic frenemy.

Tonight’s episode has undeniably shown Australia Bella’s true colours. To summarise: Bella is jealous that Irena is talking to Locky, even though that’s literally how the um, show, um works???

But, instead of being self-aware and understanding how her jealousy is causing her to over analyse her relationship with Locky and Irena, she claimed that Irena is a “manipulative little bitch,” spreading lies about her.

Australians are all now very confused and rightly so. It also doesn’t help that Roxi is crying every two seconds about nothing, in between all the Irena/Bella drama.

I can literally hear the straight men yelling at their TV screens now “see, I told you. All women are crazy.” No, Gavin, not all women are crazy. Only the ones that go on this show are. Except Bec though, because she’s not the like the other girls…remember?

My heart breaks because women will literally turn on each other for a man with a tattoo that says ‘Strength and Honour’. But alas, just like that Cobra Starship song, Locky has truly “made them good girls go bad.”

You’re going to play that track over and over again now. I just know it.