Bella Hadid Is Topless, Nip-Pierced & Fierce AF For New ‘Paper’ Shoot

Holy bloody moly. Newly minted Victoria’s Secret babe Bella Hadid is in Paper Mag today, and the shoot is unlike anything we’ve seen from her before.

First of all, she’s blonde (her natural hair colour, fyi, though she’s been dying it brown for years).

Second of all, she looks like a hot cross between 90s rave and ‘Mad Max‘, and we are 110% here for it.
But third, in one of the shots she casually flashes her nipple ring like it’s NBD.

Bella? Quite honestly, marry me.

The shoot – by photographer Nicolas Moore, with creative direction by Shannon Stokes & Farren Fucci (also styling) – was accompanied by an interview that’s pretty light on content, tbh.

But with a shoot like this, who the hell needs a quote?

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Bella did reveal that she’d auditioned for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year and hadn’t made the cut, saying that she believes “everything happens for a reason”.

She also addressed her highly scrutinised weight loss ahead of the show, which she’d previously told People was unintended and had gone too far. 

“I feel the healthiest I’ve been in a long time,”
she said. “I feel fit.”
Honestly though, I literally cannot get over this look.

?? @karlie.floss @papermagazine ??

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Have a read of the full interview / check out the rest of the shots here, or if you (like us) simply cannot get over this shoot, check out the BTS images + videos Fucci shared below.

Bella’s soundtrack choice tho. ??????

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“they said i could play, and play i did…” @papermagazine

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a slay. @bellahadid

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today’s a big day and @bellahadid in this video is exactly how im feeling. #fuccixpaper

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Source: Paper.

Photo: Instagram / Bella Hadid.