Behold The Trailer For Your New Favourite Batshit Nuts Movie, ‘CarousHELL’

If the same old horror flicks just aren’t enough for your desensitised little mind anymore, we have the cure, folks. It’s called CarousHELL and its first trailer is going to punch you square in the sternum so hard you’ll be having chest pains for weeks.

[jwplayer PGBzGAO6]

The film appears to be about a monumentally pissed off unicorn attached to a carnival carousel ride. After some little jerk literally rubs a booger in the beast’s eye, it seeks out revenge, and you can bet your bottom dollar that this crabby motherfucker will kill anyone who stands in its way.

I can’t blame it, I’d probably be a murderous bastard too if some little shit rubbed his booger in my eye. Fuck that noise. You can check out the trailer below.

I gotta say, death by pizza cutter must be one helluva way to go. CarousHELL comes out at some point next year, but I probably wouldn’t count on it being in cinemas. This looks like more of a straight to DVD deal.

There’s something about the absurdity of a killer carousel unicorn that I can’t ignore. I simply must see this movie.