Behold Kit Harington’s Hair, Game Of Thrones Fans! And Rejoice!

Consider this your friendly pals moseying on up to the SPOILER HORN and giving it a big ole’ fashioned toot.

Fans of Game of Thrones – real talk, that’s just about all of you – have been in a state of despair following the conclusion of season five, wherein the mercurial and forever wincing Jon Snow was stabbed repeatedly and seemingly left for dead.
To make matters worse, the anxiety is no longer eased by the books, due to the show now overtaking George RR Martin‘s narrative series.
So the question of Jon’s fate is unanswered, and seemingly will remain so until season six premieres at some point in the coming months.
There is what appears to be one giant, whopping great big clue as to the fate of of Jon Snow resting atop the scone of Kit Harington. Harington has, repeatedly in the past, made no effort in hiding his distaste for wearing Jon’s long hair. Even going so far as to tell Rolling Stone in an interview last year that one of the things he’d do after his involvement in Thrones concluded would be “Maybe I can cut my fucking hair.”
And yet, here we are in 2015, beyond the end of season five, and lo and behold there’s Kit.
At Wimbledon.
Sporting some oddly familiar-looking hair.
This could mean a bunch of things, or it could mean absolutely nothing. It could be subtle confirmation that Jon Snow lives on, or it could be the dawning of a new type of spoiler-proofing that requires actors to commit to characters even during season breaks. It could be the clue we’ve all been yearning for, or it could be us reading waaaaaaaaay too much into a couple of otherwise innocuous social photos.
It could be…
…or it could be…
One thing’s for sure, it does exist.
Photos: Ian Walton, Karwai Tang, & Glyn Kirk via Getty Images.

via E! Online.