Behold, Friendlyjordies Dives Into The Mess And Majesty Of Goon

Honestly, is there anything that encapsulates the beating heart of ‘Straya better than goon?

A national icon. A rite of passage. A humble silver bag full of cheap plonk on which to get summarily trolleyed.
Goon arrives in people’s lives at the point they need it most – a dear friend and confidant, and a chaperone through the looser years of youth.
It’s a drink that’s seen way more golden years than it has anni horribiles.
‘Course it’s also a giant mess in hindsight, but you can’t choose who you love.
Please to be enjoying this latest short Friendlyjordies feature on our most sacred of drinks, and the disgusting trashcan humans it turns us all into.
We are a nation of beautiful Garbage People. Bless us all.