For every heinous subreddit, troll who won’t quit it, revenge porn, awful blog and offensive twitter feed, there are a few things on the internet that breathe humanity into the otherwise revolting cesspool of clicks that we all call home. 

One of those things is Google Chrome‘s “unable to connect to the internet” landing page dinosaur, which changed my life forever during one particularly brutal session of keyboard raging, where slipping on the space bar opened up the browser’s beautiful easter egg of a game (seriously); the other being Bad Lip Reading, for reasons that need no further explanation. 

Sure, there’s probably some other great things on the internet, but if I had to choose two, those could potentially be it. 

After taking on the NFL, Game of Thrones, the Hunger Games, Twilight, The Walking Dead, and most US politicians they can get their hands on, B.L Reeding has finally subjected The Avengers to its unique genius, unashamedly transforming one of the world’s most successful blockbuster franchises into ‘Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights’ in a stupidly funny four minutes.