Behind The Scenes Of Anton Corbijn’s “The American”

IMDB is telling me that right this second, Photographer/Director Anton Corbijn is in the post-production phase of The American, his second feature film and the followup to his universally acclaimed Ian Curtis biopic, Control. We already have a trailer (after the jump) and a vague synopsis (Jack (George Clooney) is a lone American assassin on his last assignment in the Italian countryside, where he unexpectedly seeks the friendship of a local priest, Father Benedetto, and pursues romance with a local woman.) but for those who want a closer look at the film’s Production, Corbijn has been documenting the process and posting the eye candy on the film’s official blog.

From Clooney’s salt and pepper beard matching perfectly with his hat (intentional?), to a tribal meets tram-stamp butterfly tattoo – Corbijn’s behind the scenes photographs and quiet yet full of character and dangerous in a way that’s not immediately apparent.

See Photos Via Collider