Wholesome Reality TV Show Beauty & The Geek Is Getting A Season 2 So Let’s Ugly Sob Together

I have some absolutely fantastic news for all my wholesome reality TV fans out there, who love cute relationships but struggle with ~drama~: Beauty & the Geek, my absolute fave reality TV series, is coming back to our screens in 2022, baby!

That’s right folks, ask and you shall receive: season two of Beauty & The Geek is coming to Channel 9 next year, hosted again by our queen Sophie Monk.

In case you missed season one, the show was a lovely breath of fresh air to cut through some of the more chaotic scenes on our TV screens. Not that we don’t love spice, but sometimes I just want everything to be nice?

Basically, 10 pairs of contestants (one beauty, one geek) compete in a bunch of challenges designed to test their confidence, ability to grow, and connection to each other. And boy, did people connect and grow!!!

There was no cattiness, everyone was super wholesome and supportive of one another, and I cried like maybe 11 times throughout the whole show. It was 10/10 lockdown content for my frazzled little brain.

Just like season one, season two will have 10 beauties and 10 geeks from all over Australia work together in more wild challenges. And I mean, seriously bizarre in the best way – last season we saw contestants have to pretend to be radio hosts, high fashion photographers, and even seal trainers, without people realising they are in fact reality TV contestants.

But I know that’s not all we love about the show – the iconic makeovers for our geeks will be back too!!

Oh, and the prize money for the beauties and geeks who challenge themselves the most and develop the strongest bonds? A cold, hard and much-deserved $100,000.

I absolutely cannot wait for this cursed year to end so I can watch the new season and ugly-sob. This is the wholesome content we deserve!!! You can catch up on season one at 9Now.