In a twist that no one was expecting, Beauty & The Geek didn’t have just one makeover today, but FOUR. That’s right, George, James, Locky and Alex all got a makeover today, but not Mitchell, because apparently this show hates him.

Okay maybe hate is a strong word but did Beauty & The Geek seriously go rogue tonight and just??? Give every geek a makeover?? But only after they’d kicked out Mitchell?? Who had spent the entire episode talking about how bad he wants one??

Honestly if I got eliminated and then a minute later every other guy on the show got a makeover, I’d be spewing. Justice for my boy Mitchell!

Anyway, so the four Geeks that were left on the show without a glow-up received one today, and I’m still reeling from George.

For those of you who haven’t been following the show as closely as I, George has been a controversial casting choice, because he was exposed online for being an actual actor credited in a movie.

Which isn’t a huge deal, but it was definitely weird that it just never came up in the show ever, and he was just referred to as a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. Why are we ignoring his acting career? Is it to make him seem more hopelessly geeky?? Perhaps.

There’s been a lot of anticipation for George’s makeover because, well, he’s already attractive. There’s definitely something charming about his face, and honestly, with the right look, this man has the potential to be an absolute showstopper.

And were we wrong??? No, because George was UNRECOGNISABLE after his makeover. Like, serving some leaves-you-on-read-Aussie-fuckboy realness!!!

Beauty & The Geek Makeovers George
George? More like Gorgeous. Image: Nine

Just look at that!!!! His face looks so much more defined! That hair! He looks like he would ghost me on Instagram!

I just can’t. He honestly looks like a different person. The scene cut to him standing next to Sophie Monk and even though it had been 0.2 seconds since his makeover, my brain was like ‘who’s that? A new host?’ He’s a different person!!!

Next in the line of Beauty & The Geek makeovers was James. If you recall, he was the one everyone was thirsting after in the first couple of episodes. I have no idea why TBH, I don’t see the obsession, but he’s always been cute-ish.

Beauty & The Geek Makeovers James
Okay but who knew a tiny trim could make a huge difference? Image: Nine

After that was Lachlan, or Locky, and omg I LOVE this man. He is just the most sincere soul on the planet. He deserves this!!!! I didn’t love how his partner immediately launched into a list of all the things about his appearance she would change, because it was a little unkind, even if she wasn’t wrong.

Really, all they did was trim his hair and get rid of this sideburns, but the transformation was more internal with this one, and those of you who have been watching will know what I mean.

Everyone cheered when Locky came out of the weird mystical hallway that leads to ?? Somewhere. Anyway, he said he’d never gotten such a positive response from people ever and it broke my heart!

Beauty & The Geek Makeovers Lachlan

And then, of course, probably the most IMPORTANT makeover on the show, was Alex!

Alex has been devastatingly insecure throughout the whole season, and he still has a lot of room to grow. It’s been really heartbreaking watching him struggle with his self image and compare himself to everyone else, so if anyone actually really needed this moment of positive attention, it was him.

Yes, they shaved his head. And honestly, good!! I knew he would look good fully bald and with no beard!!! It’s sleek!!!

Alex makeover
This is what Pitbull wishes he looked like. Image: Nine

Alex’s reaction to his transformation was EVERYTHING. It was the first time we’ve seen him look at himself without flinching or getting awkward and caving into himself. He was feeling it, and it warmed my cold frigid heart.

That’s all for the makeovers, folks.

You can catch up on Beauty & The Geek over at 9Now, and the episodes air Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.