On last night’s episode of Beauty & The Geek, they went on a makeover frenzy, giving four geeks incredible glow ups. But did you know there was another geek who is just as hot, yet he never had a makeover?

Yes, Jackson Palmer, is an undercover hottie who could honestly be a Calvin Klein model. The geek has been posting some fire pics on his Insta post-show and OOFT.

Palmer’s beauty on the show was Jessica Antoniou, who made a TikTok about how she actually had the “hot geek” this season.

Remember this guy?

Well this is what he actually looks like.

The TikTok has over 1.5 million views and isn’t even the first time the Beauty & The Geek star has gone viral. Antoniou has made a number of TikToks about her BATG journey, including ones made within the ‘mansion’ (or apartment) they were staying in.


Just kidding already knew jackson was a qt #beautyandthegeek#batg#jessickbish#foryoupage#makeover

♬ Know Yourself – Drake

Many of the comments asked if the pair were still together. However, Antoniou hasn’t been able to reveal anything and that’s likely because Beauty & The Geek is still airing and she’s under a contract.

But *fingers crossed* they still are, because they are cute AF.

They’re not the only couple either where real love looks like a possibility. George and Josie (who are still on the show) seem to really be obsessed with each other and I am so here for it.

Kiran and Bryanna are my other favourite couple, who also genuinely seem smitten with one another. They also played coy when asked about their relationship, which only makes it seem more likely that they are together IRL.

“No comment,” both Bryanna and Kiran told PEDESTRIAN.TV when asked if they were still together last week.

Inject Beauty & The Geek into my veins. I am truly obsessed.