Hands down, Beauty and the Geek has been such a wholesome surprise for reality TV slaves (me) this year. I say surprise because I just wasn’t expecting the Beauties and the Geeks to be so bloody adorable. Not to mention, the relationships on the show brought me right back to high school with how equally awkward and cute they were. I was absolutely invested.

While not all the Beauties and Geeks formed deeper connections than just partners on the show, three most definitely did. And now that the show has ended and these lovely people aren’t on our tellies anymore, it’s led me to one question and one question only: WHO’S STILL TOGETHER?

Let’s find out.

Bryanna and Kiran

Back when PEDESTRIAN.TV interviewed Bryanna Reynolds and Kiran Rao after their elimination, the pair wouldn’t confirm or deny if they were seeing each other. But Kiran shared an update on the pair – which he has since edited – on Instagram.

“Since our elimination, a lot of people have been asking what happened between Bry and myself after the show. Short answer is: we are friends,” Kiran wrote.

“I value my continual friendship with Bryanna and we talk every day. Bryanna is extremely important to me and has been for the last several months. However, and some people may be disappointed to learn this, we are currently not dating.”

Kiran said that he and Bryanna dated for a couple of weeks after they were eliminated, but it was tricky since they lived in different states.

He went on to explain that after feeling some insecurities and anxiety, Kiran asked Bryanna for a “reset” so that they could explore their friendship first, without the baggage of a reality TV show.

“Since then, we’ve enjoyed a really healthy, three-dimensional friendship. I know I can go to Bry for advice and I try to make myself available to her for the same. I meet up with Bry fairly regularly (whenever COVID restrictions allow us to) and I am still super grateful for everything Bry has done for me. The romance may be on pause, but our friendship has never been stronger.

“Bry gave me this key a couple days after the finale aired and I will always treasure it. It’s the key to my future, and that’s exactly what the #BATG experience was all about.”

Kiran has since updated the caption to just “friends”, after Bry said she was no longer comfortable with his original statement.

Josie and George

According to So Dramatic!my forever faves Josie Werner and George Goldfeder aren’t dating (BOO) because they live in separate states and COVID-19 made long distance that much harder

While I’m pretty devo, a source told So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto that Josie has since moved on and is doing well. Good for her!

I hope George finds love too, not that it’ll be difficult when HE LOOKS LIKE THIS? WHAT THE HELL, GEORGE?

Georgie boy, my lord.

Jessica and James 

I mean… this was posted two days ago.

Jessica Heatley and James Letheby appeared to shut down breakup rumours during an Instagram Q&A a little while ago, after they were both individually asked if they were no longer dating.

In response to the question, both Jessica and James replied with pictures of themselves together. VAGUE, but it’s something.

“They say a picture says a thousand words, so here’s three,” James answered, posting photos of himself and Jessica from as recent as last week.

At the very least, these two are definitely still mates.

If you want to relive the extremely wholesome season of Beauty and the Geek, head on over to 9Now.

Image: Channel 9, Instagram / @kiranraoau