Beauty And The Geek Won’t Be Coming Back In 2023 & How TF Else Will I Get My Serotonin Boost?

Beauties on Beauty And The Geek looking shocked and crying

If you’re a fan of watching stunning, glamorous women and nerdy, bearded men become friends and/or lovers, I’ve got devastating news for you: Channel Nine’s absolute banger of a show Beauty And The Geek Australia won’t be returning in 2023. Screaming, crying and throwing up et cetera.

Speculation the show wouldn’t be coming back next year started brewing on Wednesday, after Nine hosted its 2023 Upfront event — basically, a sitch where the broadcaster runs through the new and returning shows that’ll be on our screens over the next 12 months.

BATG wasn’t mentioned, nor was Ninja Warrior or Celebrity Apprentice, which I guess is bad news for fans of hectic obstacle courses and Lord Alan Sugar. I can imagine the announcement is particularly dire for anyone who wanted to see Baron Sugar swing across a set of horrendously high monkey bars.

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to Channel Nine to confirm what the go with the shows was.

“We strive to continue to surprise our audience with new shows along with returning favourites and given the volume of shows for next year they are not in the schedule for 2023,” a spokesperson said.

Look, it’s undeniably heartbreaking because, dare I say it, BATG is one of the most wholesome reality TV shows out there. There’s no cattiness or drama and it’s literally just blokes and girls who would never talk to each other IRL doing sweet activities together.

It’s one of the few reality TV shows that would suffer if conflict were added and for that I have no choice but to stan. Married At First Sight provides us with enough chaos to last a lifetime, so I don’t need that same energy among Beauties and Geeks.

And those sexy little makeovers? By Gob, I’ll never not go feral at the sight of a man getting a haircut, shave and some new clothes. I’m still gagging over Kiran Rao‘s makeover from BATG 2021, and don’t even get me started on yassified George Goldfeder from the same season.

Yes, there was a conspiracy that the blokes on BATG were actors who faked being Geeks, but who cares? Any show that brings certified angels Aaron Seeto and Karly Fisher together is keeper in my books.

At least Channel Nine will be bringing us a show called Australia’s Most Identical next year, which will be some sort of hunt for the country’s most identical twins. Whoever wins that title is going to have one hell of a work icebreaker.