There Is No Greater Duet Than Bear & Luna’s Goodbye Song In ‘Bear In The Big Blue House’

We’ve been blessed with some incredible collaborations in our time. There’s Sonny & Cher‘s “I Got You Babe”. And Beyoncé & Sean Paul‘s “Baby Boy”, which still makes a regular appearance in my daily Spotify playlists. As does Nelly & Kelly Rowland‘s “Dilemma”.

But, in my humble opinion, there is one duet that stands above the rest. One that brings me to my knees, activates my tear-ducts and warms my normally-icy heart: Bear & Luna’s ‘Goodbye Song’ in Bear in the Big Blue House.

I was on one of my YouTube benders last week, traversing the web and falling into nostalgic K-holes, when I came across the blessed outro footage from one of our most beloved childhood shows.

For those unaware of Bear in the Big Blue House, firstly, how dare. Secondly, the Disney show enjoyed a glorious 5-season reign, spanning a near-decade, from 1997-2006. Bear in the Big Blue House revolved around the fatherly Bear, who was a caretaker of sorts to an assortment of characters, like Tutter the mouse, otter twins Pip and Pop, bear cub Ojo and Treelo the lemur (among others).

At the end of each episode, Bear would come out on his balcony and speak to Luna the moon. The pair would discuss the episode’s theme, before singing the ‘Goodbye song’.

“Luna, do you have time to sing a goodbye song before you go?” Bear would ask.

“Always, Bear,” Luna would respond.

A duet then commenced, alongside a montage of the episode’s highlights. And safe to say, it’s fucking harmonious.

It was always bittersweet when the ‘Goodbye song’ commenced – it signalled the end of the episode, which was obviously a bummer, but the tune simply slapped. Bear and Luna’s immaculate harmonies subsequently soothed my 5-year-old soul, coupled with an eventual key change that sent shivers down my fucking spine.

At the end of the duet, Bear would do a 180 (Dua Lipa style) and Luna would yeet her blessed ass up into the sky.

Feast your glorious eyes on the below masterpiece.

It’s so fucking calming and endorphin-inducing. I will most certainly be using this as a bedtime track for the rest of isolation.

Sweet dreams, kiddies.