‘Batman V Superman’ Has Already Made A Batshit Amount Of Money

While Ben Affleck is feeling pretty down about the terrible reviews for Batman v Superman, they don’t seem to have made one goddamn bit of difference to the movie’s box office. 
The priapic superhero-on-superhero gang-bang has already taken in a staggering amount of money worldwide, making an approximate US $219.91 million since its Wednesday opening. 
In America, the film took $82.01 million when it opened on Friday, and at present, it’s tracking to overtake the opening weekend record set by The Dark Knight Rises, which made $160.9 million in its first three days.
Internationally, the thirst for Affleck and Cavill is strong – Batman v Superman has already raked up $7.4 million in Australia, although it will need to pass the $31.36 million mark to overtake the year’s current number one film, Deadpool.

The film opened strongly in India, KoreaJapan, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, France, ItalyThe U.K. and Mexico, where it still managed to make $9.6 million up against a World Cup qualifying match. 
China is the film’s strongest overseas market – it debuted to $21.22 million on Friday, making it the sixth-highest opening for a Hollywood movie there, and on Saturday, it actually upped this figure to a $22.6 million. 

Now that Warner and DC have officially established themselves as an alternative to Marvel and Disney, the question becomes whether they can string their own extended universe out for as long as their competitors. 
Looks like we’re in for at least another five years of ‘dark’, ‘gritty’ superhero movies, though, so be prepared for that.

Source: Forbes.
Photo: David M Bennett / Getty.