Stan Dropped The Powerful First Teaser For Bali 2002, A New Series On The Kuta Beach Bombings

bali 2002 teaser

Stan has finally dropped the much anticipated teaser for its Aussie drama series Bali 2002 and I’m honestly not ready for all these emotions.

The Aussie streaming giant has been working on a series about the terrorist attacks of 2002 for quite some time, and it’s been described as “an inspiring drama that explores how everyday heroes from Bali, Australia and beyond defied the odds to bring order from chaos and hope from despair”.

The teaser, which is our first glimpse of the show since it was announced in March, shows scenes of tourists and local Balinese people alike partying it up in what should be paradise. And then — chaos.

Charred cars, bodies, injured family members and friends desperately trying to find each other. And despite all of that, a distinct flavour of hope as the music swells, the eyes of the injured opening for the first time since the attack, communities coming together to recover. For such a short trailer with no dialogue, it was powerful AF. I have chills.

Peep the teaser below.

In case you’re a Gen Z bab and don’t really remember the tragic scenes of this disaster, here’s what you need to know.

During a balmy night on October 12, 2002, during one of the busiest tourist seasons of the year, Paddy’s Pub and Sari Club — two nightclubs on Kuta Beach — were bombed by terrorists.

The attack killed 202 people, 88 of which were Australians.

It was a traumatic event for many, but local Balinese people and tourists — just every day people — came through and worked together to rescue another 209 people injured from the blast. Australian and Balinese authorities also had to work hand-in-hand to evacuate survivors, find missing persons and identify victims as well as carry out investigations of the attack.

Despite the trauma, fear and devastation, it was also a beautiful show of solidarity.

Bali 2002 will premiere on Stan on September 25.