‘Bachelorette’ Bloke James Had His Identity Stolen By An Online Scam Artist

Bachelorette hopeful James Trethewie – otherwise known as “aww yeah, the short bloke, he was nice – he probably should have won, hey?” – has warned fans that an online con artist is using his pictures in an attempt to scam women out of money.

On Friday, the 31-year-old financial adviser was alerted to the impostor by a woman who claimed to have spoken with the fake James on Facebook. The man was reportedly a member of an “entrepreneurial group”, although the details of the scam are unclear.

Trethewie shared a copy of the exchange to his Instagram stories, warning his followers to “watch out for this guy.”

Amazingly enough, this is not the first time that the Bachelorette star has been caught up in online identity theft. Earlier this month, a fan alerted him to the fact that there were at least three fake Tinder profiles using photos of him.

He warned his followers about the scam at the time, saying: “If anyone’s chatting to guys on Tinder using my pics … it’s not really me! I have been hacked in the past and see clients [victims] of fraud too, it’s happening heaps – so please be careful!!”

James became tremendously popular on The Bachelorette thanks to his ability to swiftly assemble flat-pack furniture, his laid-back demeanour and just, y’know, his general handsomeness.

Many fans had him picked as a front-runner, and cried foul when Sophie Monk sent him home early, in favour of millionaire publican Stu Laundy.