Apparently They’ve Been Filming ‘Bachie’ Via Zoom And The Dates Sound Absolutely Cooked

Shortly after Locky Gilbert was announced as this year’s The Bachelor frontman and filming began on the new season, production grinded to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To keep the momentum going, as Locky had already met the ladies and started falling in love with them, producers decided to document his love story via Zoom dates with several contestants.

Brisbane radio presenter Matty Acton revealed that he caught his neighbour on a group date with Locky and a few other women the previous day.

Matty explained on Hit 105’s Stav, Abby and Matt that his friend had been working from home when he looked out his window and noticed the bizarre sight.

“[My friend said that] there was, on a picnic rug, a girl on a laptop with a TV crew. They’re filming, and she was on a date with The Bachelor,” he said.

But wait, it gets weirder:

“This date, in classic Bachelor style, involved dress-up. Apparently all the girls had to wear onesies,” he explained.

According to Matt’s friend, his female neighbour had worn a dog onesie throughout the date and even performed a series of “doggy tricks” at Locky’s request.

When the date ended, she reportedly blasted a producer over how “humiliating” the experience was for her.

“When the laptop closes, she apparently spews and cuts sick at the producer, saying how embarrassing that was, and how humiliating [it was] that she had to be in a onesie!” Matt said.

It comes after Channel 10’s head of entertainment, Stephen Tate, confirmed that the coronavirus pandemic would “form part of the story” of The Bachelor’s eighth season.