’Bachie’s Timm Is Such A Sweet, Sweet Angel, So Why The Fuck Is His Bestie A Huge Knob

timm jackson

Ahh, hometown dates. My favourite episode of the Bachie season. I feel like David Attenborough narrating the lives of eligible bachelors in their natural habitat.

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Obviously, there’s loads to unpack with the hometown dates, and you can read our full recap from Mel and Josie here if you want a full goss-fest. But it’s a Thursday night, and it’s my last night of laughing at hilarious Bachie tweets for Angie’s season, so let’s get into it.

Timm, my new favourite now that Ciarran is gone, was first up with hometown visits and boy, oh boy his family were an absolute delight. His parents were angels, his brother was sweet, and his best friend Jackson was umm… also there.

We love Timm, we know he’ll make it to final two then get heartbroken when Angie inevitably choses one of the more boring men like Carlin or Ryan. But for fucks sake, Timm’s best friend needs to chill the fuck out.

Straight off the bat, Jackson seems like a very jealous man. RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG!


One Twitter user was quick to point out that he acted like he had some sort of bet on whether or not Timm would make finals. And now that it’s getting close, Jackson looks like he’s trying to sabotage it.

It’s pretty clear that Jackson has an unhealthy obsession with Timm and it’s honestly pretty concerning.


Maybe even a little creepy.

And we’re all pretty certain that Jackson’s going to have his ass handed to him now that Timm is finished filming.

I think we’ve all accepted that Timm is going to be a truly wonderful runner-up, but will never actually win this show. So maybe we’ll get to see Jackson ruin Timm’s chances with every single future suitor on The Bachelor next season if my wishes come true and he gets cast.


Sorry Timm, but your bestie is kind of a *checks notes* ahh yes, a colossal knob.

I think we need a friend-version of The Bachelor to find Timm a new bestie that’s not a giant red flag. Channel 10, do your thing.