Nick Slid Into ‘Bachie’ Reject Sophie’s DMs Not Long After Filming Ended

Those clumsy “I can’t commit to you at this time” speeches Honey Badger gave to the final two on The Bachelor were not the last the ladies heard from Cummins, the Bachie heartbreaker rn dodging media flack on the Kokoda trail.

In fact, as Sophie Tieman tells PEDESTRIAN.TV, the non-committal rugby dude actually got in touch with her – through social media DMs no less – three or four months ago, not long after filming wrapped, to see how she was coping with the rejection. Oh and he hit up Brittany Hockley and Cass Wood too.

He shot me a message, kinda touching base, checking in, making sure that I was okay. I’m aware that he has done that with a couple of girls he really formed good connections with. I’m extremely close to Brittany obviously, and we’re both extremely close to Cass. He touched base with all of us.

She admits she was chuffed to hear from Cummins, but that her reply was real brief: “It was just saying ‘Yeah, I’m doing okay considering,’ and that was it.

Everything was so raw at that point in time. I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I was happy to hear from him, because I still had feelings for him, they didn’t just disappear because he said no to me. I definitely wanted to get out of there as soon as I could, knowing that it wasn’t me. But those feelings didn’t disappear overnight. So I was happy to hear from him. I unfortunately still didn’t get an answer as to why it wasn’t me or Brittany at the end.

Tieman never saw the double rejection coming: after their final date she says she didn’t doubt for a second that he’d “genuinely find love the next day“, and then after he told her she was not the one, she walked away convinced of his and Hockley’s “amazing connection“.

So when Brittany arrived at her door to tell her that neither of them were walking off into the sunset with Badge, she was totally blindsided.

I thought that I was on one of those prank videos. I thought that someone was gonna jump out and say ‘This whole thing is a joke.’ I didn’t know what to think at that point in time. That’s why I kept saying ‘What?’ I just had to keep asking her if she was being serious, because not for a second did I think that could’ve been the case and it was. I was shocked and then I became just a bit numb I think. I did this awkward laugh, I felt uncomfortable, I was upset, I was angry, I was every single emotion all bundled into one, because I didn’t know how to take what Brittany was telling me.

Despite Badge’s massive call to not even try dating one of the final two in the outside world, Tieman wont entertain the suggestion Cummins may have never been ready for something serious.

Who would put themselves through that strenuous experience not ready for a relationship? It’s mentally draining, it’s a lot putting yourself through the Bachelor experience. You’re putting yourself out there to be quite vulnerable, so you need to be certain that you’re ready to meet someone to put yourself through that and make it worth it. So not for a second did I think that Nick might not be ready. I just thought ‘Of course he is, he’s here.’

Tieman says she has no regrets about her time on the series, especially not the way she finally opened up to Cummins about her feelings.

I just grew so much from it. I’m now really open and willing to tell people how I’m feeling and things like that because I can see the benefits in it now. If I hadn’t done that for Nick, I could’ve potentially missed out on an amazing relationship, and I wasn’t willing to gamble that. I don’t have any regrets and I’m really happy that I did the show because I came out having learnt a lot about myself, but also with amazing friendships.

She’s also stoked with the strong bonds she formed with the other women, saying she’s happy that the entire nation can see how herself and her so-called competition – the rest of the final six particularly – have actively “supported one another“: “[The Bachelor] really portrays women supporting women in the best light, and it shows the benefits of it, and we’re just stoked that that’s what we got out of this season.”

Now, she’s content being single, but is open to finding love if someone special comes along – and don’t expect to see her on Bachelor in Paradise:

I really don’t think that Bachelor in Paradise is quite my cup of tea… I’m enjoying the single life with Brittany and Cass. But at the end of the day I went on the show because I’m ready to meet someone and settle down with them, so if I just happen to meet Mr. Right tomorrow, then I’m not gonna say no.