Romy’s Father Had A Stroke Just Days After She Left The ‘Bachie’ Mansion

Romy Poulier, The Bachelor‘s villain, told TV Week yesterday, that she chose to leave the mansion just in time, as days later, her father suffered a stroke.

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Poulier told the mag that she hadn’t intended to leave, but when Cat Henesy was sent home and Alisha Aitken-Radburn didn’t receive a rose, she acted on impulse and decided to head home to Brisbane. Still she maintains that she and Honey Badger “have something pretty cool. I would’ve stayed towards the end, for sure, and maybe even won“.

Her choice to leave ended up being strangely serendipitous. She explains that her father had a stroke within days of her leaving the reality show:

I had to say goodbye to him that day. Thankfully he has amazing care and he’s trying really hard to regain his speech, but he’s lost all ability to communicate.

He still has his intelligence but he can’t talk, read or write. That’s the difficult part. He’s a very well articulated man and that’s what he’d pride himself on.

But it’s very confronting teaching your dad how to read the words ‘cat’ and ‘dog’.

Last night Poulier spoke to, saying she wishes she hadn’t been as outspoken on Bachie as she was, pointing to interventions and encouragement from producers as a reason why she ended up being portrayed so negatively:

I kind of regret having such an opinion. I feel like at times we were a little manipulated to feel comfortable enough to give our opinion, which is then being taken out of context, twisted, and turned and built into this incredibly bitchy storyline.

Poulier’s since been subjected to a lot of backlash from people online, which she found, as she told TV Week, hard to deal with: “I’ve had my moments, for sure. But thankfully I’ve got an epic family. The stroke has really put things in perspective.”

We’re sending all our best wishes to Romy’s dad, and to her family supporting him, for his recovery.

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