I Asked The ‘Bachie’ Rejects Who They Reckon Will End Up With Their Shared Ex-Boyfriend


You guys we made it, we finally have our top three on the The Bachelor. It’s down to Abbie, Chelsie, and Helena, but after the hometowns episode… I, uh, I don’t think Helena’s going to be around for much longer. But I could be wrong! Anywho, since there are about a gillion headlines out there speculating who’s going to win I thought I’d add mine to the ring with a cheeky predictions yarn based on what the Bachie rejects think. Long story short the names Kristen, Elly, and Chelsie repeatedly pop up. And only one of those gals is in the top three.

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Monique Morley

Instagram / @moniquemorley

Monique was pretty unamused with Abbie after the whole “dog cunt” hoo-ha. I don’t know if she was just salty or if she genuinely meant this but Monique said: “I think Abbie will end up with Matt but who knows. I just think she’s such a good manipulator.”


Vakoo Kauapirura

Instagram / @itsvakoo

Vakoo, a ray of sunshine, loved all the girls. She thought Elly, Chelsie, and Sogand were all really genuine and down to earth. And picked Chelsie as the winner.

“Just from what I’ve seen so far, I think they have a lot of chemistry baking banana bread which – you wouldn’t think would be a thing – so if you can have chemistry baking bread… surely that’s something,” she said.

Brianna Ferrante

Instagram / @briferrante

You might not remember Bri because she had absolutely no time for any drama in the house, but in saying that the names she offered were still right on the money. Bri put her money on either Chelsie or Elly.

Cassandra Mamone

Instagram /
Cass, the fab jewellery designer, switched things up a bit by tossing Emma’s name into her winner’s pick alongside [checks notes] ah yes, Chelsie and Elly.

Mary Viturino

Instagram / @maryviturino18

My Lord, Mary’s exit interview with PTV was wild as hell. Honestly I think all her exit interviews were wild as hell because she simply does not mince her words, and I love her for it. Somewhere between telling me about how 18-year-olds were now sliding into her DMs, Mary said she wasn’t sure who Matt would choose. Probably Chelsie, she added.

Rachael Arahill

Instagram / @rachaelarahill

Well, this is where Rachael’s prediction would’ve gone but then she called Matt a “fucking dog” on Studio 10 and our interview got cancelled. Good times.

Sogand Mohtat

Instagram / @sogand_m__

Sogand kept things real simple guys. She reckons it’s either going to be Chelsie or Elly. And since Elly’s gone that’s yet another vote for Chelsie.

“Elly is wifey material and Chelsie and Matt just have so much in common so I can’t help but think they’d be perfect for each other,” she said.

Kristen Czyszek

Instagram / @kristen_czyszek

This season’s sweetheart Kristen gave the most Kristen answer ever. 

“I think that at this stage, all the girls have the potential to have a happy life with Matt,” she said in her exit interview. That’s it. She didn’t even pick anyone. I bloody love her. She better be on Bachelor in Paradise, she’s such an angel.

Elly Miles

Instagram / ellymiles

So now is when things get interesting because we’re up to our final five here. Elly picked Abbie and Chelsie as her final two and said it could go either way.

“Abbie and Matt have this connection and it’s strong, we know it’s there. We can all see it,” she shared. “But everyone can also see Chelsie and Matt doing science experiments with their kids like let’s be real.”


Emma Roche

Bachie Emma
Instagram / @miss_emma_roche

Emma honestly wasn’t but she does know that Matt has a good connection with – yes – Chelsie.

“She had a great hometowns visit and he seemed really relaxed with her and they’ve got a lot in common so it could be her. But you don’t know.

So, do you reckon it’s Chelsie? I reckon it might be Chelsie.

The Bachelor continues 7.30pm Wednesday and Thursday on Channel 10.