Here’s The First Spewingly Adorable Pic Of ‘Bachie’ Matt & Chelsie For Ya

matt agnew chelsie mcleod

The final episode of Bachie just finished, and we can officially announce that Chelsie is the last woman standing.

Matt and Chelsie both took to Instagram just after we watched the nail biting final minutes of the show to share their first official couple photo.

Matt shared their first official nerdy pic together.

Chelsie also dropped a cute Instagram post that’s a little less staged to prove they’re the perfect couple. The caption reads a simple “I love you”. HUGE AWW.

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I love you

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It has been a long season, honestly, at the start of tonight’s episode I didn’t even know who I wanted to win.

After all of the Abbie vs Sogand vs Elly bullshit, Chelsie finally won. All insecurities aside, she finally got the nerdy boy of her dreams.

The happy couple can officially live their lives in relative peace. The cameras will likely still follow their every move for the next few weeks, but at least they don’t have to run around in secrecy anymore.

Fingers crossed we see another long-term bachie couple to add to Australia’s list of television executive-manufactured relationships. I personally can’t wait for some science-loving kids to pop out.