The Bachie drama never ends. We know we say that every time we write a Bachie yarn, but JEEPERS it really is still alive. And by “it”, we mean the drama about the split between 2019 bachelor Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod.

We sound like a proper broken record here, but the gist is that Matt picked Chelsie, they broke up months after filming, it 100% sounds like Matt dumped Chelsie, Chelsie has been very candid about the whole shitshow, and Matt’s just getting on with it. It is what it is.

But a source (grain of salt) of all people has now blabbed to the Daily Mail, sharing that “the moment the show ended and they could finally be a proper couple and go out in public together, Matt basically just disappeared.”

Well, Matt went overseas to visit his baby nephew who came into the world during filming. If you’ve been keeping tabs on Chelsie, you would’ve seen those posts she shared on IG during Matt’s absence.

“Given the timing, it was as if he had suddenly lost interest and changed his mind about wanting a girlfriend or something. Things then fizzled out quickly,” the source said, adding that Chelsie was “blindsided” by the split.

Matt and Chelsie unfollowed each other on Instagram earlier this week, which is completely fair. A little while before that, Chelsie took to her Instagram story to address the break-up through a Q&A. She also thanked her followers for all of their support during such a shit time.

“It’s definitely been rough,” she said. “I do not deal with heartbreak well and yeah, my heart is broken and heartbreak sucks.”

Re: the not-so-mutual decision to part ways.

Bachie Matt & Chelsie Apparently Broke Up ‘Cos He Fucked Off Overseas For Too Long
Credit @chelsiemcleod


And that’s (hopefully) that, until Bachelor In Paradise kicks off and we’re all sucked back into the Bachie Bullshit.

Speaking of which, goss is already getting around.

Image: Instagram / @drmattagnew