Perfect angel Kristen Czyszek went home on The Bachelor last night, and I am DEVO. As  D E V O  as she looked when she didn’t receive a rose from Matt Agnew. 

The ray of sunshine chatted to PEDESTRIAN.TV about her ~ journey ~ on the show, and she would like you to know that her time on The Bachelor “wasn’t all about China.” And, she’s honestly the only gal I’ve spoken to that hasn’t taken a big dump on Abbie. Which I found absolutely refreshing and wild considering well… you know. Let us begin.

PTV: Were you happy with the way you were portrayed on the show? Re: China. 

K: It was definitely really confronting for me to watch that first episode in particular because actually, it’s just a small part of who I am. It just so happens that it was the most recent thing that had been happening in my life, living overseas in another country. And you know for anyone – it’s just something they’re going to be talking about and I naturally would’ve responded ‘Have you been to that country?’ and anyway little did I know that would be made into a montage – really solidifying this China Girl character.

K: Also, in terms of my Mandarin, I didn’t just walk around speaking Chinese. The producers – every single time would ask me to say something – and I would just be a good girl and answer the question and again, little did I know what they had up their sleeve.

PTV: When did you start to really develop feelings for Matt?

K: It definitely happened from the first date.

K: We shared so many special moments together and our very first chat at the cocktail party was one of my favourites, which you didn’t get to see. I really – in that moment – could feel that something could definitely happen between us. I lost all concept of time or where I was in this crazy environment I was in and that was just the beginning.

K: In terms of our one-on-one time together, that crazy date I just heard today was voted the ‘Second Most Awkward Date’ so what a ranking! But it was so much fun and there was a lot of time that we spent together in the water that was really intimate and special.

K: I think that if Australia would see all of that, I think you would understand why I was so shocked when I didn’t receive a rose.

K: I honestly have no idea what happened and how that became my face. There are a lot of things behind the scenes that you’ll never know and I’ll not be able to talk about but I wasn’t expecting that to be end for me, but it was and that’s okay! I’m really happy with my experience and I wouldn’t change it.

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And so here is where my journey on The Bachelor comes to a sweet end. It was a unique experience that I will never be able to truly describe.. I had never felt so vulnerable and it’s up there with one of the craziest things I have ever done. Along the way I made lifelong friendships, gained wonderful experiences (I jumped out of a flipping plane!), learned so much about myself, and through it all kept a smile on my face. You didn’t get to see much of my love story (the silver lining is that I’ve avoided watching more of my cringeworthy flirting on national television), but it was very special to me and I’m grateful for the time we had getting to know each other. I want to say thank you so much to all of you for your wonderful support, your kind words meant more than you can ever imagine. I hope ‘China girl’ brought an educational element to the show and you learned a little bit of Mandarin ???? I’m so excited for what’s next ????❤️ @thebachelorau @channel10au

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PTV: What was it like saying goodbye to Matt?

K: I was having an out-of-body experience. I obviously didn’t expect to be going home at the time, it was so sad. I was really disappointed, but happy that I was able to remain so composed and have such a nice goodbye with him.

PTV: How did you find last night’s cocktail party, particularly the drama between Elly and Abbie?

K: Emotions were high that evening so I guess when there is less people you can’t help but be a part of what’s going on that night. And you know, I guess I did find it disappointing that after a lot of the girls had been so considerate to Abbie and given up their time – myself included – so she could spend some time with Matt, this would’ve been the perfect opportunity for her to reciprocate that. And she didn’t, she had other intentions and I guess Elly and I found that really shocking. It’s just not how we would’ve responded in that situation and it was difficult to understand.

K: [Re: saying Abbie has “bad intentions” in the limo at the end of the episode.] Again, emotions were running really high. I was just in a state of shock wondering what was going on so I was disappointed in Abbie, especially because the main topic that night was consideration. In that moment, I was just pretty disappointed.

PTV: A lot of the girls have been quite vocal about Abbie in the house, that she just sees Matt as a prize. Do you feel the same way?

K: I think that when they’re together, they genuinely have a very special connection. Abbie is a lot of fun and she captures the room with her presence. It’s really hard not to always want to be around her so I think Matt’s been able to see a really wonderful side to her that Australia hasn’t been able to see.

The Bachelor continues 7.30pm Wednesday and Thursday on Channel 10.

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