Space man Matt Agnew said goodbye to Emma Roche on last night’s dramatic as hell episode of The Bachelor. And by dramatic I mean Helena pulling Matt aside right before the rose ceremony to clear things up re: that hometown date.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about aggressively click on our recap below.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV Emma broke it all down.

E: Oh, God. [laughs] Not. On. Night One. [laughs] C’mon, get real people. It wasn’t on night one. Look, my feelings for Matt developed after the first single date. It was very romantic and he put a lot of effort into it and yeah I thought this could be something.

PTV: Speaking of which, were you happy with how you were portrayed on night one and going forward? 

E: Oh look it is what it is and I just have to own it. It’s not ideal obviously but I had to ride that wave and I had a lot of people coming up to me and giving their support which was great. So yeah, I just had to own it.

PTV: So how did you find your hometown date? Can you take me through anything we missed? 

E: Yeah so we met at the dog park and I introduced Matt to Teddy and Bear and that was fun! What you didn’t see [laughs], that blue van was actually a dog grooming van and we actually got into the dog grooming van and started washing the dogs [laughs]. So yeah we turned the hoses on each other and Matt got shirtless so you didn’t see that and um, and then we had a picnic and yeah we drove over to my friend’s house.

PTV: And did you know going into hometowns that you were going to tell Matt that you were falling for him? Or was that an on-the-spot decision? 

E: There was a lot of pressure at that stage and you know you are being asked constantly if you’re going to drop the L-bomb ‘coz you’re at the business end of things there and yeah, basically you want to let Matt know your feelings and for me I was like ‘You know what let’s just go all in.’ Otherwise I might regret it if I get sent home. So I told him and I put it all out there.

PTV: So watching the show back now, would you say that you had really fallen for Matt? 

E: Look there were genuine feelings there but it was dramatised for the show. It’s a dating show and they have to do that but it was definitely not as intense as they made it out to be but that’s okay.

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PTV: Going into the rose ceremony were you confident that you were going to get a rose? 

E: I, I didn’t really know what to expect. With Helena pulling Matt aside like she did, that threw everybody. And yeah, it was difficult to see what was going through his head and you could tell he was struggling on the night. So yeah, there was a part of me that knew it was coming. When it did, I just had to accept it.

PTV: And what made you think that? 

E: Just seeing how he was with Helena and I kind of got a bit of feeling during hometowns as well. And I knew I had more of a chance of going home and yeah, that night was my night.

PTV: So did you think it was fair that Helena pulled Matt away right before the rose ceremony?

E: No. [laughs]. I mean it was shown on the show. We were all like ‘Oh wow this is happening okay.’ We didn’t realise we were allowed to do that you know. We kind of went in like we always do so it was written on all of our faces how shocked we were.

PTV: Do you still feel that way after watching Helena’s hometown date? 

E: Watching it now? I can definitely see why she was so eager to pull Matt aside and clear the air. It makes sense now but at the time we had no idea what had gone on so we thought ‘Whoa, what’s happening here?’ but I can definitely see why she did it.

PTV: And do you think that final chat may have changed Matt’s mind? 

E: I don’t know. He was struggling that night you know. Maybe he, after having that chat with Helena, he felt like he had to explore that connection a little bit more and yeah, he had a little bit more of a spark with Helena than with me.

PTV: How was the goodbye? 

E: You know what? It was okay. I was happy with it. He laid his cards on the table and I accepted that and you know at the end of the day my feelings weren’t reciprocated and I just had to take that onboard and move on.

E: I think Matt’s a good guy and I’m sure that whoever he ends up with he’s going to be really happy with.

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